Many in the US are adding a conservatory to their home. A conservatory is a building or room that has a glass or tarpaulin roof and walls and is used as a sunroom or greenhouse. If a homeowner builds a conservatory to his or her home it is often attached to the house on only one side. Conservatories have become increasingly popular in the last decade because of the many benefits they offer. Find out about a conservatory tiled roof from a building expert.

Extra information about conservatory tiled roof

Why do many like having a conservatory?

Many like a conservatory because they are able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without worrying about rain or other weather conditions. Most conservatories are built with enclosed glass, giving those inside a conservatory a lovely view of nature. Conservatories are accessible from a home or outside. In addition, a conservatory is a wonderful way to be with the family inside while enjoying nature.

Conservatories add beauty and value to a home

What make conservatories appealing to many is that they can be altered or added to fit a home's outside style. Also, the size of a conservatory can be adjusted to match a family's needs. Most importantly, conservatories add value to a home. To be clear, a conservatory can add up to seven percent to a home's resell value. Some may not know it but a conservatory can also add additional space to a home. A conservatory could be used as a back to nature office space or used as a den.

Reasons to add or not to add a conservatory

Keep in mind a conservatory works well for those who have a garden that faces south, if it will not affect the size of their garden, if their kitchen and dining area lacks space or if a homeowner doesn't have a green house and wants to grow indoor plants. In addition, a conservatory would work well for those who can afford to spend at least 15,000-20,000. Also, a conservatory would work well for those who would like a space that could double as a children's play area for at least most of the year. Those who should not build a conservatory are those who already have a good kitchen and dining area space, if the area for their conservatory is not facing south or if they have a small garden.

What about maintaining a conservatory?

Also, it is important to note that conservatories need regular maintenance in order to prevent a buildup of algae growth on the roof panels and to prevent leaks. Most importantly, conservatories often become very hot in the summer and quite cold in the winter. In addition, a conservatory cannot be converted into a single story extension later on because the foundations are too weak to support an extension.

To conclude, many these days are adding a conservatory to their home and for good reasons. Find out more about conservatories from your local home improvement store or a building expert and see how they could add value and substance to your home!